Occupational Health and Wellbeing Services

Môn Diagnostics are  providers of Occupational Health Services, Health Surveillance, Occupational Health Assessments, Drug and Alcohol Screening, Physiotherapy and Medicals across the UK. We provide convenient workplace, remote and off-site (face-to-face) services to all types of organisations from SMEs to large single & multiple site operations, for both private and public bodies. Môn Diagnostics Occupational Health mission is to help our clients achieve maximum staff productivity and minimise their costs by maintaining the health and well-being of their employees. We look to eliminate and prevent any work related causes of ill-health, to help make the workplace a safe environment and to facilitate the quick and safe return to work of any employees who have been off work through sickness absence. All Môn Diagnostics Occupational Health services, health surveillance and medicals are, naturally, compliant with the latest HSE, COSHH and other statutory regulations and guidelines. Môn Diagnostics operates across all the main industrial sectors from extraction/mining through manufacturing & processing to distribution. We also look after the workplace occupational health requirements for many other diverse clients including those companies & organisations involved in office based activities, automotive sector, bodyshops, educational establishments, IT, UK charities, construction, food preparation & more.