Qualitative, Quantitive Face Fit Testing & Training throughout the UK with Respiratory Protective Equipment

Mon Diagnostics are an independent “fit2fit” Accredited Provider of Quantitative, Qualitative Face Fit Testing and Training of Respiratory Protective Equipment. We operate our RPE Fit Testing or Training services throughout the United Kingdom; ensuring your business is compliant with regulations and employees are protected with the correct fitting of Respiratory Protective Equipment.

Qualitative Face Fit Testing
Môn Diagnostics provide a Qualitative Face Fit Testing service (also known as the taste test). As with all our services, we tailor this to meet your needs and site requirements. Môn Diagnostics are accredited to the “fit2fit” accreditation scheme (designed to demonstrate competence) for your re-assurance.  

Face Fit Training
Môn Diagnostics understands that organisations may want or need to have the ability “in house” to undertake face fit testing on their own staff or contractors. With this in mind, Môn Diagnostics offers comprehensive courses, training individuals in how to undertake a qualitative face fit test. 

Quantitive Face Fit Testing
Môn Diagnostics provide Quantitative Face Fit Testing (also known as Ambient Particle Counting), a service we tailor to your needs. Môn Diagnostics have invested in the TSI portacounts, equipment and required adapters to give us the option to test most Full-Face Pieces, Half Masks and disposable RPE. Any tester sent to site will be “fit2fit” accredited for your piece of mind and our commitment to quality.