Pre-Employment / Pre-placement Screening

Môn Diagnostics can provide a very timely and effective arms-length confidential pre-employment health screening service. We will ensure Management are aware of and advised upon any health issues that may be affected by work (or that may affect their ability to work) and recommend any reasonable adjustments that may need to be put into place. You can then move forward with employment with confidence that the well-being of your new staff is protected. Likewise new employees with pre-existing health issues can be assured of being protected at work.

This service can take the form of either:  

A physical base-line pre-employment health medical conducted on your site by an Occupational Health Advisor which is often bested suited for operations where employees are exposed to production type exposures such as noise, respiratory or skin sensitizers, chemicals, vibrations and similar.

Remote paper screening (on-line form) using a pre-placement questionnaire (PPQ). A health questionnaire is reviewed with any issuing arising explored further by an Occupational Health Advisor during a telephone consultation. This approach is very timely.  

Both pre-placement health screening approaches will result in a fit-to-work report with base-line results (where appropriate). For those employees with pre-existing conditions the report will detail any issues Management should be aware of and make suggestions on making reasonable adjustments and on how to avoid aggravating the employee's health condition. Management can then move forward in the employment process with confidence in respect of the employee's health. So if you wish to protect the health of your employees then a great way for them to start their career with you is to begin with confidence that you have done every thing possible to protect their health.

Call to see just how easy it is to utilise Mon Diagnostics confidential pre-placement health screening services.